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Name Freedom Freedom is the most famous version in the Freedom series of publisher Freedom
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Smartphone gaming is popular these days, and as smartphones are easily accessible, so the majority of the people adopts gaming on such portable devices. Gaming on smartphones is directly proportional to smartphone users, and it’s continually growing.  Most of such games are either have in-app purchases or ad-supported. Well, there are a few games which are ad-supported. While most of the games are focusing on selling in-game merchandises like coins, gems, diamonds, in-game money or other precious assets which helps people to complete the missions faster than regular. You can purchase coins in temple run, keys in subway surfer or gems in clash of clans and it is how developers make money from games. What if I will tell you there is an app which will let you have unlimited in-game purchases without spending a penny. So today we are doing to discuss Freedom apk, an app you can use get unlimited add-ons in android games well as Android apps.

Freedom apk not only helps you with android games but also with android apps. It is not possible for us to buy a new app each day or complete an in-app purchase to use the app correctly. I mean to say, everyone can’t pay for apps especially students cant pay for apps. Well here too Freedom apk got you covered, and you will be able to use all the premium feature of an app in the fullest.  Freedom Apk Latest Version is entirely free to download and use. The best part is for Freedom apk no root access is required, and it’s completely free. So lets us see some the best features of this app, how to download and use it properly so let’s start it with the features of this app. Freedom APK also comes with no root and it is similar to Framaroot

Features of Freedom APK

  • You can download Freedom apk free of cost, and you don’t have to spend a cent on this app. And in this post you can get Freedom APK direct download.
  • This app can fix issues related to license verification.
  • User-interface is very easy to, and you can start operating them without any delay in case you are unable to run the app, we have provided detailed information below on how this app works and how to use it properly.
  • Using this app, you can complete in-app purchases in whatever app you wish be it app or games. You will have the ability without any transaction.
  • This app is regularly updated, so you use it all the latest android devices with the latest update of this app.
  • It may be coins, gems, add-ons or other in-app purchases; you will have all of them free of cost without any credit card. There are no limits on purchasing premium add-ons and you can effort more within games.
  • This app will also help you to get rid off in-app or game ads. So there will be no more annoying ads while enjoying them.
  • Freedom apk has a vast collection of cracks, patches and modes to ensure the app or game exploited adequately.
  • Due to poor maintenance of such types of apps, most of them stop working after a certain level but though Freedom apk is different and it will give you total control of all the premium apps or games without any hassle.

Why Freedom APK works?

For Freedom, apk root access is necessary to ensure the app works correctly.  This app needs root or superuser access to set up local host in your android smartphone and block the games or apps from doing specific online actions. It sniffs all the outgoing requests to find out if it is connecting to the Play store server and finds out if it’s a transaction activity. If it detects a transaction activity, it will replicate and simulate play store, such way, so it will find out the transaction amount being sent and replicating play store it sends a successful transaction code it makes the app believe that transaction is successful and it credits the purchase in your app or game.

Apps and games these days use two separate API requests to do the transaction and another for confirming the operation. In these cases too, Freedom apk comes to play and send replicated success code to such API requests and get the job done. As it is mandatory to use Google play payment systems to do the in-app transaction, it will be possible to send fake success codes to cheat the apps without any involvement of SSL.

So if you are thinking about purchasing goods from Amazon or other e-commerce sites. Just like your bypass purchases for the in-app purchases, it will never happen as they use their third-party payment processors rather than play store payment processors to complete the purchase. Such payment processors use multiple API requests over highly encrypted SSL channel to do the transactions so just to let you know if apps start using third-party payment processors, it will make freedom apk useless.

Due to such operations, Freedom apk is not allowed in Google play store. While installing it, you will have to take some extra measures to ensure it installs appropriately in your smartphone and some post-installation things so the app will function properly.

How to install freedom apk 2018?

Freedom apk is compatible with almost all the Android devices. We have proved the link to Freedom download, which is the latest version even stable in Marshmallow and Nougat android devices. If your device is not rooted, we will strongly suggest you refer any online guide to root your android device. Be sure; you are using the best rooting method for your smartphone available online, and you are not ending up bricking your android device. As you are downloading from our provided link, you will have to do some modifications in settings so the app will install in your android Smartphone, so let us start. Ensure your device is rooted correctly, you will find several apps online to check if it is adequately rooted. Once you are sure that your device is rooted than we can start.

Installation Process

  • First of all, you have to download the latest version of Freedom apk from our provided link below. Just in case, you have downloaded the app in your pc or laptop then transfer it to your Smartphone.
  • Open the apk, and now it will block you from installing it as it is from a third-party source and not from play store. Now you have to enable installation from unknown sources to install the app.
  • Now open settings from your Smartphone and go to security option so turn on the unknown sources. It will let you install apps which you got from outside the play store once you confirm your settings you are good to install the app.

  • Go to your file manager app and look for the freedom apk. Tap on it to initiate the installation process. Install it like another regular app and it is installed successfully, ready to use.

Post-Installation Process

  • Once the app installed, you have to configure it and give your final touch so it will start working so let’s see how to do it.
  • Open the Freedom app from your app list.
  • It will open after few moments asking for root access, and you will have either grant or deny the access. As we are going to use this app, we will tap on allow so that it will have root access now on.
  • Now, you will see all the apps which are installed in your smartphone. So click on the app where you are willing to bypass the purchase and add-ons will be added in your app.

I am facing “No connection error” in google play store while using Freedom app so how to Fix it.

We have already discussed how freedom apk works by blocking apps from using play store services. Well, it is quite apparent; such error may appear, so let’s see how to fix it quickly. People usually panic when they face such errors and think about hard reset or taking into the service centre, let me tell you, it can be fixed quickly so let’s do it.

You have to download Root Explorer or ES Explorer to fix it. Sue chrome or any other browser to download any of these apps. Well, these apps will let you edit files in the system folder which can’t be accessed without root access.

Now once you one the app and give root access, head over to the root directory and look for system folder. Open the System folder in the root directory. Inside the system folder, you will find a folder named “etc.” There look for a file with name “hosts”.

Edit the file and paste this line below in it or type it yourself. localhost

Nothing more, saves the edited hosts file.

Open the settings and go to Applications manager.

There you can find the Google Play Store and tap on it. Now clear the app data. Once you complete each of these steps as mentioned, please reboot your android Smartphone. You will find the error is fixed.

Something you need to know while using Freedom apk

Freedom is an entirely free bypassing tool, developed by intelligent developers. They have done their best to improve this app by various sophisticated algorithms, but this app has limitations too, you can bypass only standalone games or apps using this tool. You can’t use this on games or apps which use save services to save records. While using this app, you may often run into errors as this app is not built to handle all kinds of algorithms. Use this app under your complete responsibility; we won’t be held responsible for any damages by this app.

Games and Apps which are compatible with Freedom apk

We have listed some of the best games and apps which are compatible with Freedom bypassing tool.

Subway Surfers: This is a nice offline game where you to overcome all the obstacles and escape from the constable and his dog. In this game, you need a lot of coins and keys.

Temple Run: This is the same segment of games as Subway surfer, but here you have to escape from a wild man hunting creature, through ruins of ancient civilizations .here too you need to collect gems for recovery and coins to unlock, entirely offline.

Angry Birds: It is an offline game with in-app purchases for coins and money. Using freedom app, you can bypass them. We all must have enjoyed this sling-shot game at least once.

Candy Crush Saga: It is a puzzle game where you have to match the same type of candies at least 3 to proceed with the game. This game gives you limited gold and moves, but you can have unlimited moves and gold with freedom app.

Hill Climb Racing: It is a game where you have to cross ridgelines and mountains using limited fuel and collects coins. If you want unlimited coins and fuel, you can use Freedom apk.

Fruitmaster: It is another interesting offline game where you have to chop fruits with your sword or knife. This app allows you purchase of coins, and you can do using freedom apk.

Coin Master: This is a strategy game where you can raid over other Viking village and safeguard your town. In this game, you need spins to win coins and gems. You can purchase them either, with the help of freedom app.

Bad Land: An Adventurous game which allows controlling creatures to find out, some conspiracy going on the forest where you have to overcome several types of obstacles, and you will need money in this game to unlock specials.

Fruit Ninja: It is something similar to Fruit Master; you have to chop the fruits and vegetables thrown to you as quick as possible. In this game, you have to collect starfruit which you have to purchase using your card or by freedom apk.

Asphalt 8 Airborne: This is the best android automobile racing game with exciting cars and exotic racing experience. In this game, you have to money either by winning them or purchasing them here too freedom works without any issue.

Limbo: It is a 2D Puzzle game where you have to lead a boy to move forward through various obstacles. The background looks horrifying. This app too comes with in-app purchases and you can freedom apk to complete it.

Overkill 3: It is another outstanding disconnected android game with an extraordinary action which can be played unendingly. You need to guard the Generator here who helps by pulverising your foes with high-voltage lightning. For unlimited money, you will need Freedom apk.

Big Little Farmer: Assemble your ranch, develop and gather crops with Big Little Farmer which is extraordinary compared to other android games accessible in the Play Store. You get the chance to encounter the peaceful existence of a rancher and adorn your farmland with this offline game.

There is no battling or running in the game. Instead, you need to assemble a cultivating business with bread shop and dairy items in addition to other things. You need to offer your items through a conveyance truck, satisfy requests and gain yourself rich as you ground in the game.

It’s not as simple as it sounds, you need to buckle down on your cultivating aptitudes to enhance your ranch and be fruitful. Experience the life of a rancher and appreciate seeing your agribusiness realm develop. In this game, you have to either earn or buy gems, use freedom to get unlimited gems.

Special Forces Group 2: With Special Forces Group 2 you get the experience of 3D Person Shooter continuously. You have an alternative to play the Single player or Multiplayer mode.

It has five distinct kinds of gameplay. You have six characters for each group, seven guns, three shotguns, four submachine firearms, and numerous more weapons to win the war. It includes a disconnected mode so you can play it with no web connection Android game contrasted with general others. You can buy ammo, skins, firearms wich freedom app.

Legend of Darkness: Legend of Darkness is a standout amongst other RPG Android games where your saint needs to execute beasts to go to the next level. You need to gather material to make gear and decimate several sorts of evil presences. Discover the monsters and push them to death.

The more grounded the beast is, the better the honour you win. The concealed monsters allow you more generous prizes. You have to make fitting gear with the materials accessible with assistance from Abyss. That is the significance of the game. In this game, you have to collect or buy stones, so use freedom app to get free unlimited stones.

Star Wars: Star Wars is outstanding amongst other RPG Android games ported to Android from PC. The Knights of the Old Republic has a protracted story with numerous finishes relying upon the decisions made by you while playing. The designs are alluring, and you can make inquiries if you are confounded about the game.

Knights of the Old Republic: Knights of the Old Republic has accomplishments which make it speaking to play this game. It is difficult to complete it in a limited ability to focus and sets aside the opportunity to gather appropriate character which causes you to escape the game effectively. You can collect unlimited credits by freedom apk for this app.

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Old Versions:

Version 1.9.5

Version 1.6.7

Version 1.0.7

4.3 total

What is Freedom?

FreedomMOD is an Android application/game which has been modded by our developers to provide the app/game for free. It's an unlocked version of the premium version of the same app/game with lost of additional features which can't be available in the official version.

How to Download Freedom?

You can download, Freedom from our site. For that just click on the below download button and go to the Download and click on the APK file to download it.

How to Install Freedom?

Once you completed downloading Freedom from our site, you can install easily just you have to enable Unknown Sources because you do not get this app in Google Play Store. Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

  • First of all download APK file from above
  • Now you have to enable Unknown Sources to go to Settings then Security then enables Unknown Sources.

  • Go to Download Manager and click on APK file

  • Click on the Install button

  • Wait for a few seconds

  • Click on the Open button to launch.


Is Freedom MOD safe to use?

Ofcourse! It's 100% safe to use all the APK mod available on, We provide all the files free from viruses and malwares.

How to download?

Just click on the download button below and wait for the links to generate

The download link is broken

Yeah, mistakes happen. Please report us about broken link using hte contact us page. We will fix it as soon as possible

Why the download speed is slow?

Well the server we use is extremely fast but sometimes our server get lots of download requet and therefore it becomes slow for few minutes. Or it may be your internet connection.


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