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Name Fildo Fildo is the most famous version in the Fildo series of publisher Fildo
Publisher Fildo
Genre Music Player
Version 4.0.0
Mod Version 4.0.0
Total installs 10,0000+
Update - (5 years ago)
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Read 2.2K views
4.4 ( 883 ratings )
Price: $0

The Fildo APK is posted on to the music and audio category and is developed by The average rating is 0 out of 5 stars on the website. This app was rated 3.9 out of 5 according to different rating platforms. This fildo app is going allow you to stream and download the favorite music. You can choose to download the favorite singles, whole albums and that is made through just a touch. You just can touch and access to the entire discographies that you want and this is all that the matter of seconds.

One of the best advantages of fildo apk 2018 is compared to other applications that do not actually store any of the content. This is indeed just an app that acts to link between the users and other services. From there you would be able to download the songs comfortably. For this you will get a chance to display the name of the band that you are looking for or the track that you want to listen just after few clicks and you can make your time enjoy every moment. This does not really any store to save the content and can be downloaded easily with receiving some of the best and solid music download services despite of some ugly interface.

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You are going to get the best opportunity to enjoy thousands of new songs through streaming or even by direct downloading. Just you need to set it up easily and take a look to the apps configurations to select which folder you want to with your files to download into by default. This is going to permit with fildo download or streaming mp3 files from net. You are getting a mistake once try and download, then please uncheck each checkboxes on configuration. Fildo apk download doesn’t index nor host any of the audio files, this is simply associate the interface to the 3rd party mp3 search engines. The fildo app is one of the most effective music streaming app relatively available with android and that can be downloaded as well as be associated to streaming tunes in MP3 formal without any extra cost. This is the one to enable with downloading and installation as well with the streaming any kind of tune from millions of offered tracks. There are a lot of songs that you can enjoy with the amazing app to listen as well as download to the music absolutely free. This is free and can be followed up with the way to set up on the android Smartphone.

What is the app all about

The fildo app with its best of performances through fildo apk is considered to provide streaming and help with downloading effective songs and even makes on an easy task with downloading track from the database of virtually numerous songs. You can take the time to move on with downloading the tunes mp3 documents and stream it completely free of price. This kind of app can be searched from internet to stay tuned and you can simply search and give yourself with the most pertinent search results page. You can also locate to numerous tracks using the fildo app on your android smart phone. This is exclusive with most substantial and even essential thing relating to the app which is completely free to use. These straights downloading the songs which you can download and install as well as you don’t really need to save any kind of unnecessary data on your mobile phone. This would rather make the cleanest on internet songs streaming app for android.

Features of the fildo app

The Fildo apk app is one of the most effective apps of android that you can download and stream music online. There are a lot of songs available with the streaming app for android. But fildo apk 2018 is just best with no other alternate. This can even easily get added to your android smart phone with no ease.

The one is quite substantial with making the cleanest app on the internet song as the amazing streaming app for android. Explaining its features would always be easy with making it one of the most effective android applications for downloading and streaming the system. This is the app that is best as it could help with downloading and installing as well as streaming any kind of songs and documents that are located in the Fido app which is totally free of cost.

This does not have any premium interface usage and apart from that also is exclusive in performance in comparison to any other fancy on-line music streaming app. There are features over loaded and you need to recognize that before mounting the application on your android device.

Some of the best features are like:

  • The fildo app 2018 permits with downloading and installing of any of the MP3 documents from the internet.
  • This would permit with streaming any kind of audio and apply it for free of cost.
  • This is offered completely free of price and you don’t really need to invest any kind of loan on purchasing the app or even for the in app purchases.
  • Even you can make a separate playlist of the tunes that you have downloaded and streamed earlier.
  • This app doesn’t save any kind of content and is super light weight on the system. Even you can run the app in the oldest of app as well.
  • The app does support the offline setting and you will be able to pay attention as well as download to the tracks without having the net to attach.

Installing fildo for android smart phones

To install the fildo APK for smart and android phones is easy with making it available for downloading it. This can be done practically on every APK sharing website. It is even easy with helping you locate with the APK and downloading it free of cost from any type of third party apk documents sharing site. This is not yet officially available on the Google play store, the choice can only let you mount on it on your smart device which is to download and install the fildo APK.  If you are interested in downloading and installing the fildo apk app then you have to move on to this web link and formally download and install the app. This is available on the authorized website. After downloading the application you need to comply with the site mentioned on the android Smartphone. For the installation, you can take the declaration with enabling the “unknown resources” option, just most likely to “setups>> safety and security>> as well as tap on “unknown resources”.

After permitting for the unidentified sources, you can tap down on the downloaded and install APK as well as on click install. Now the android installer will spend some more time in setting up the fildo aap apk on to your android smart phones. After effective setup you can open the app and begin downloading and install or the streaming of any of your favorite mp3 data. This attributes to the introduction into the android OS to stop any kind of questions that can be filed to get set up to your smart phone. After the installation of the fildo APK you can very smartly open up with the application and begin surfing for the tunes that you would enjoy to pay attention or download it. The most effective thing about the app is to use the basics as well as making it readily available to utilize free of cost.

The fildo priority

With the audio player supporting all types of MP3, MIDI, WAV, AAC raw, FLAC and many other audio formats. This is set with the priority because;-

  • This is easy to navigate and play music songs based on genres, albums, artists, songs and even folders.
  • You can easily find and search music faster.
  • The music is going to get a great chance to reproduce with playing music by song, artists, album or even playlist.
  • This would serve with easy navigation that is with just one touch to navigate the music player.
  • With the playlist you can make and edit songs on the playlist.
  • Mix it for the parties and play the music randomly.
  • The albums are going to get the best with displays and covers on the music player.
  • You can take a control on notifications with controlling music from the notifications in android 5.0 and later.
  • Then do check out the collections with looking into the next songs.

For the above reasons, this app is going to permit for streaming and downloading your favorite music. You can also choose to download your favorite ones, complete albums and that is possible with just a single touch. You will also be able to access to the entire discographies which you need and that is possible in just some seconds.

One of the major advantages of the fildo in comparison to other similar application is that it doesn’t need to store any content. This app is just an act as it links between the users and other services. And from there you will be able to download songs quite comfortably. For that all you need to do is type your name of the band which you are looking for and track what you want just after few clicks which will make you ready for listening to and enjoying. For its performance, it is noted to be among the best and solid music download service. This is going to bring you with the opportunity to enjoy thousands of new songs through streaming or direct downloading procedures because setting it up is quite easy and you can just take a look to the apps configuration in selecting for which folder you want your files to download into it by default.

The fildo apk doesn’t index nor it hosts any audio files and it simply associates interface to 3rd party mp3 search engines. This aggregate content from round the web and doesn’t host music or video content. This aggregates with a good number of host music and video content. This contains music by the third party search engines and a good number of songs, obtainable with this application, area unit supposed just for personal non commercial use.

Installing fildo apk

For installation and fildo apk download would bring on an easy way with the process described below;-

  • First Download the Fildo App Apk from this page
  • Your download will start

  • When the download finish you will see “Install” button, click on that


  • Once the Installation process will finish you will see something like below

Fildo APk


App Screenshots

The Fildo app contains its specificity with finding engine which does not just hold or manufacture any content to the users. This is simply relevant to help the users identify the specified songs by acting as an intermediate website which would take no responsibility for the content it finds unless it’s the Fildo. This do features with making it most efficient and effective app in the market as you are going to notice a good number of choices from different sources for the searches that you create. You wish not to wander around or across many or completely different apps to download that are available with different kinds of songs and in that case you can have multiple songs in just the music app.

Featuring fildo app

It’s the Fildo app which provides with a broad range of options as well as interesting functions that are like-

  • Play/Pause/Resume.
  • Logging in/out.
  • Spotify Link.
  • Spotify Radio.
  • Free text searching.
  • Add/remove tracks from the collection.
  • Avoid between tracks.
  • Browse through news, playlists, CDs and so on

Fildo app streaming

Music is a love universally and when it comes to make yourself relaxed the first name that comes to mind is music. When it’s about the android device the users got with the CD players with an introduction to the concept of music streaming app that can be downloaded with an ease from the Google play store. But these music player apps do have their own well defined list of music files and libraries that are restricted to users for choosing music to listen. The audio player supports every time with the audio format and this is:-

  • Easy to navigate and play the music songs as per genre.
  • You can search fastest with the music and find the best ones.
  • Create your own every time you listen.
  • This is easy to navigate with just one touch.
  • The playlist makes it easy going with helping in editing the songs.
  • You can have a mix with the best ones for parties and can play it randomly.
  • Just take the best chance with controlling from the notifications in android 5.0 and others.
  • You can also check out the next super hits and easy ones.

Exclusively Fildo

The major characteristic differentiating any app from the competitive market is the reason behind the growing popularity of the app. This is not just convenient to use but is also provided by the makers to the users for making it use the unique feature of the app.

The exact focus is on excelling the app and the APK is available with the most simple user interface which permits the users to simply search and browse through a lot of music files and libraries. This is indeed going to make it easy going.

The most unique feature of the fildo apk is its advantage of customization which permits the users to manage all the basic controls of the music streaming right at the notification bar. This means that you can manage all settings that are to be played, pause forward or backward with your favorite music without unlocking your phone right at the notification bar. This feature of customization is available for the android device with the android version of at least 5.0 or more.

While the next question comes on with asking what the Fildo apk 2018 about is, then the makers introduce the amazing feature permitting the users to see songs that are coming up next in the streaming queue. This means that the users can have a control and complete knowledge about which song to start next.

The one can take on a control with complete knowledge about the songs in best way and this also permits the users to use and select the songs randomly. The one has overcome great apps with no restriction to choose best music in any way. The perfect download fildo apk supports with a lot of music file formats with enabling the users to play all your favorite songs on the Apk without actually getting worried about the compatibility aspect. This makes the use of MIDI or WAV, AAC raw FLAC and other audio formats. The makers would make sure that the best users interface is getting delivered to the user so that the users would never think to upload any other music player app.

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Previous Version:

4.4 total

What is Fildo?

FildoMOD is an Android application/game which has been modded by our developers to provide the app/game for free. It's an unlocked version of the premium version of the same app/game with lost of additional features which can't be available in the official version.

How to Download Fildo?

You can download, Fildo from our site. For that just click on the below download button and go to the Download and click on the APK file to download it.

How to Install Fildo?

Once you completed downloading Fildo from our site, you can install easily just you have to enable Unknown Sources because you do not get this app in Google Play Store. Settings > Security > Unknown Sources

  • First of all download APK file from above
  • Now you have to enable Unknown Sources to go to Settings then Security then enables Unknown Sources.

  • Go to Download Manager and click on APK file

  • Click on the Install button

  • Wait for a few seconds

  • Click on the Open button to launch.


Is Fildo MOD safe to use?

Ofcourse! It's 100% safe to use all the APK mod available on, We provide all the files free from viruses and malwares.

How to download?

Just click on the download button below and wait for the links to generate

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Why the download speed is slow?

Well the server we use is extremely fast but sometimes our server get lots of download requet and therefore it becomes slow for few minutes. Or it may be your internet connection.


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